Whenever you produce a piece of work it is imperative that you and anyone else reading it (or viewing it or listening to it) is sure that it is all your own work. If you take words, images, sounds or even ideas from others you MUST say where you got them.

Presenting other people’s words, or ideas as your own is called plagiarism. This is a type of fraud and will be considered cheating by your teachers.

Showing others what material you have borrowed (words, pictures, ideas) is called referencing and a list of references is called a bibliography. There are several styles for writing bibliographies. One of the most popular is called the Harvard Style.

Click on the  links below for help with referencing and building your bibliography:

Bibme – Free online bibliography generator. Brilliantly useful tool.

10 Minute Plagiarism Tutorial

Writing a bibliography (Harvard system) from the Dickson Library

Another Harvard Citing Tutorial

Harvard Reference Generator-Online tool to create references form books, journals, websites etc

Citing Sources Tutorial

Popular and Scholarly Sources

Primary and Secondary Sources


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